Higher Education Lecture Capture and Webcasting

Classroom Lecture Recordings


We come to your classroom, lecture theatre or presentation stage and record or stream your class without changing anything you do normally.  No practice runs or starts and restarts needed.  We record you and your visual content. 

Lecture instant search (OCR)


Our special Optical Character Recognition technology automatically reads the text  or character on each slide presented so you can search to any part of any class immediately.

Multi-screen presentations


Show the instructor, the visual presentation and any other on-screen content during your online class or lecture captured "flipped classroom" session.

Quizzes and Annotations


Students can be prompted to respond to pop-up quizzes and add notes while watching their online classes

Connect to Learning Management Systems


Student work is monitored and the classes they watch are tracked to ensure they are getting their courses completed and supported.

Learn Anywhere Anytime


Students can attend from anywhere the internet is available.   Increased registration and successful outcomes from having course classes and  content available any time - even if they miss the classs

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